Danielle Napier


Personal Profile:

Since joining figure skating at the age of 3, this sport has maintained a special place in my life. When my time on the competitive circuit concluded, I wanted to share my experiences and skills with those that were passionate about the sport and motivated to learn. I was hired as a professional coach by the Morrisburg & District Skating Club (MDSC), where I have continued to be a base coach since 2002. During my time as a coach, I have continued to develop my skills and incorporate new techniques, such as sports specific mental training, to better support the development of my skaters.


Coaching Philosophy:

I believe it is my role to motivate, inspire and guide skaters to set, and reach their personal goals. I understand that as a coach, I must continue to grow and develop my own skills/techniques to ensure that I am providing the best personalized support possible to my skaters. Finally, I know that the full collaboration of coaches, parents and the organization are necessary to enable a skater to reach their full potential. 


Skating Achievements:

  • Gold Freestyle
  • Gold Dance
  • Gold Figure (8th)
  • Skating Skills Class 2
  • Junior Competitive Singles Test
  • Eastern Ontario team member at Pre-Novice, Novice and Junior competitive levels


Professional Achievements:

  •  17 years of professional coaching experience.
  •  Experience working with many ages and levels for private, semi-private and group lessons at levels ranging from CanSkate, Star 1 to Gold and Adult Skating.
  • Experience coaching skaters at a range of competition levels (recreational, interclub, EOSIC and Ontario Provincial Championships)
  • Help with the delivery of Program Assistant (PA)  training program.
  • September 28/15 STAR 1-5 Coach Seminar.
  • Silver CEP status.
  • STAR 1-5 Online training module (August 2016).
  • STAR 1-5 Assessor Trained (November 2016).
  • STAR program seminar with Karen Preston (March 2017).
  • Provincial Coaching course (Single, Pairs, Ice Dance, Sport Science, Stroking and Skating Skills and Synchronized Skating (July 2017)
  • Provincial Coach Certification (December 2017)
  • Off-ice conditioning seminar with Flexafit by Signe Ronka. (December 2017)
  • Seminar with Rebeka Dixon, High-Performance Mental Trainer for Figure skaters. (December 2017)
  • StarQuest Skate Ontario training day. (December 2017)
  • Pairs Training Day with Dylan Moscovitch, Trennt Michaud & Evelyn Walsh (May 2018)
  • Pairs Training Day (October 3/2018, Whitby, ON)
  • Pairs Training Day (October 24/18 Schomberg, ON)
  • Pairs Training Day (December 12/18 Whitby, ON)
  • Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders Certification (July 2018)
  • KSA Kickstart Seminar with Kaetlyn Osmond, Trennt Michaud and Rebekah Dixon (Sept.2018)
  • Certificate of Achievement +5 -5 GOE Webinar: singles course (Sept.2018)
  • Code of Ethics: Coaches (July 2019)
  • Achieving Ideal Performance State Through Imagery & Relaxation Webinar (July 2019)
  • Star 6 to Gold Training: Introduction (July 2019)
  • Star 6 to Gold Update (July 2019)
  • Customized Seasonal Planning workshop with Paul MacIntosh (June 19/19)
  • Continuing with figure form course (August 2019)
  • Star 6-Gold Training: Skills (August 2019)
  • Star 6-Gold Training: Artistic (September 2019)
  • Rowan's Law - Coaches certificate

Disciplines Coached:


Skating Skills




Ice Dance

Team Coaching

Off-ice Programs.



      Certified Provincial Coach 

      STAR 1-5 Assessor Trained

      Star 6- Gold Training: skills

      National Coach Certification in progress



     $11.25/15 minute lesson (private)



     (613) 822-6448

     (613) 513-7230 cell