Our programs are paid for by the families of our skaters. In order to continue to deliver high quality skating programs while keeping our program fees reasonable, we must carry out fundraising activities. We focus our fundraising efforts to those that have been most successful in the past years. If you would like to assist with any fundraising projects, your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

This year's fundraising events are going to be great! We have lots of different ways to raise funds for our club. Participate how you would like by choosing the fundraisers that best suit you. Our goal this year is to raise $100 per skating family. 

  • Little Caesar's Pizza Kits - October/November
  • Basket of Cheer - December 
  • Online Auction - December
  • Gift Card Tree - January
  • Skate-A-Thon - February
  • Basket of Cheer - March
  • Paint Night - TBD
  • Pampered Chef - TBD