Kristyn VanHoof


Personal Profile:

I wore my first pair of skates at the age of 2 and officially became part of the Morrisburg & District Skating Club when I turned 3 years old. Throughout my years of skating, I’ve gained a strong passion for the sport of figure skating and I’m excited to be going into my 5th year of coaching with the Morrisburg & District Skating Club. This year, I will be going into my fourth year at the University of Ottawa studying Human Kinetics with the hope of becoming a physiotherapist.


Coaching Philosophy:

It is through the love of skating that will guide a skater through the successes and challenges they will encounter throughout their skating career. My goal is to share my love for the sport of skating with my skaters motivating them to be the best they can. I believe that any skater can make their dreams come true.


As a Skater:

· 16 years of skating

· Competed at the STARSkate level

· Gold FreeSkate

· Gold Skills

· Gold Interpretive

· Gold Dances

· 2017 Bronze medalist in STAR 7 at the 2017 Skate Ontario STARSkate Championships

· 2017 Silver medalist in STAR 8 at the 2017 Skate Ontario STARSkate Championships

· Eastern Ontario team member in the STAR 7 & STAR 8 Events at the Skate Ontario Provincial Championships

· 2019 Skate Ontario Provincial Championships Competitor in the Women’s Gold Level FreeSkate Event finishing in the top 18 skaters in Ontario


As a Professional:

· 5 years of professional coaching

· Coached skaters at the CanSkate levels and Stage 1-5 levels

· Provide private and group lessons to skaters at the STAR 1-5 levels

· Coached skaters at various competitions


Skills Coached:

FreeSkate, Dance, Skills, Choreography, Stroking, Off-Ice Training



· CanSkate Certified

· Regional Coach Certified


     $9.00 per 15 minute lesson
     (613) 361-9152