Music Playing

Skaters will have their music played in rotation.  If they are absent from the ice when their name is        called it will be marked with an A and the skater will then wait for the music player to get through the      rotation before calling their name again.


·       Music player will give the skaters 5 – 10 minutes to warm up before starting solos.  This will be decided on the length of the session as well as the number of skaters on the ice in order to ensure all solos will be played.


·       Skaters will get their solo twice during a session.  On STAR 3 - Gold sessions, only the music player will announce that they have gone through the rotation twice.  If there is still time at the end of the session, skaters will have the option to request their music a third time.  Skaters must go to the window and indicate to the music player their request.


·        Skills Programs:  There are skaters working on triathlon and will have a skills program.  This music can be played during dance & skills sessions.  In order for the music player to know which skaters are working on skills programs, the skater can request their music by going to the window and indicating to the music player they would like their music.  The skater may make only one request during a 15 minute session or two requests during a 25 minute session. 


·        Skaters must indicate to the music player their solo choice.  It is not the responsibility of the music player to learn all skaters starting positions.  Skaters will use the following to indicate solo choice:

o   Solo (short)                        hand gesture short      

o   Solo (long)                         hand gesture long       

o   Artistic (Interpretive)           hand gesture making letter I

o   Skills Program                    point to feet

    Short and long programs are determined by the length of the program.  This season MDSC does      have skaters working on 2 solo programs at the same time.  


·       Pairs Programs:  When skaters are working on pairs programs they have the option of choosing the pairs music rather than solo.  Both skaters must agree and this is marked in the book as both skaters choices.  When the other partner’s name comes up in rotation it is skipped until the next music rotation.  For skaters preparing for another competition, they should take their solo music first. 


·       Saturday morning “no jumps” session:  The music player can play solos but skaters will not be able to jump during the solo.  This will give skaters the opportunity to work on choreography, spins & fields moves in their solo.  (not applicable for the 2022/2023 season)


·        Skaters who guest skate during a session must let the music player know before entering the ice and request that they be added to the rotation.  It is not the music players’ responsibility to check who is on the ice.  This will avoid a skater not getting their music when guest skating.