2017-2018 Executive, Board Of Directors & Committee Members

Members of the MDSC Board Of Directors have made a commitment to assist in the management of our club for a minimum of one year. They receive no remuneration or concession for their contributions. Should you have any questions throughout the year, or if you would like to help out in some way, please feel free to contact the appropriate board member.


President: Rebecca Kelly

Vice President: Tracy Yalden

Treasurer: Ellen Biemond

Secretary: Elaine Gribbin



Cathy Dykstra

Isabella Jordan

Jenn Eamon

Julie VanHoof

Rebecca Henderson

Sandy Scott

Celine Hart


Committee Chair(s):

Coach’s Rep: Allison Scott

Registrar: Rebecca Kelly

CanSkate Chair: Rebecca Henderson

Test Chair: Isabella Jordan

Ice Consultant: Julie VanHoof

Home Club Competition Chair: Julie VanHoof

Pro liaison: Julie VanHoof

Hospitality Committee: Doris Hart, Cathy Dykstra, Celine Hart

Fundraising: MDSC Committee 

Webmaster: Rebecca Kelly

Publicity: Julie VanHoof

Music Chairs: Jenn Eamon (intermediate) & Julie VanHoof (senior)

Carnival Chair: Sandy Scott

Special Events Coordinator: Cathy Dykstra